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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is the application of evidence-based nutrition science in order to make health and wellbeing improvements.

Many chronic conditions and health issues can be linked to nutrition and lifestyle factors.

As a nutritional therapist, I understand that every individual is unique and, as such, any advice is highly personalised to suit you and you alone.

We live in a time where nutrition is a hot topic so you may well have seen and read plenty of nutritional content. However, much of this content will have been generic - designed as general advice rather than tailored to the individual.


It is essential to take a personalised, whole-body approach to health. Sometimes the symptoms that you are experiencing are indicative of an imbalance somewhere else in the body. As such, I look at the big picture - what is going on with you - from head to toe!

This will give me the information I need to piece together the full story of what your body is telling me you need.

I will work closely with you to understand your health and lifestyle goals.

This will include looking at your health history, your current symptoms and your lifestyle -  your work commitments, your family commitments, your time constraints, your relationship with food, your budget for food and so on.....

This may feel quite intrusive to begin with but the more I can understand what will and won't fit into your life, the more personally tailored and ultimately sustainable our nutritional programme will be.

We can then implement a gentle, sustainable nutritional programme to support you in acheiving your health goals.

Everything we implement will be mutually agreed between us. We will very much work as an equal  partnership. It is the combination of my knowledge and your life experiences, choices and lifestyle preferences that will bring the most beneficial results.



Please note: Nutritional Therapy is a complementary therapy and, as such, is never a substitute for medical advice. Please consult with your GP if you have any symptoms that you are worried about or if you suspect that you have a medical condition.  

Please also keep them informed of any new diet or exercise plan you undertake.    

I am happy to work alongside your GP or other health care professionals where appropriate and with your permission. 

I will also refer you back to your GP with any symptoms of concern.


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'Our work gradually gave me freedom from anxiety around

food and grocery shopping and made me see how to integrate nutritious, balanced eating with being busy or having a more out-of-whack schedule. The way we work together gave me freedom and personal responsibility instead of a fixed menu. Last but not least, the symptoms I most complained about when I first started seeing her, such as acid reflux, bloating and nausea, are gone.

I also recently learned that I suffer from Lipoedema and I could not have chosen anyone better to speak to. Nicky offers amazing support and knowledge on this topic and she integrated specific nutritional advice in my recommendations to respond to and alleviate lipoedema symptoms. In a world where lipoedema is not known or talked about enough and the condition is just conflated with obesity and ill-will, Nicky is an advocate and ally who made me feel safe and cared for.

Nicky is a great professional and also a fantastic person whose energy, confidence and humour are contagious. She always researches and offers me a wealth of information and I love how she distils science and studies into explanations that anyone can follow and understand. The way we work together and her shining personality enable me to be completely honest and myself around her, and I always feel refreshed after our meetings.'     

— Ana C.

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