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Free initial chat


It stands to reason that not all people are going to be a good match to work together. 

And that is fine!

In order to have the greatest likelihood of successful nutritional change, you need to be able to trust your practitioner. You need to be able to feel comfortable to talk about your health in intimate detail and you need to feel confident that your practitioner understands you and is invested in your success.

Working with a Nutritional Therapist is a big investment of your time, your effort and your finance. It is only reasonable to want to check out any potential practitioner before committing to them.

As such, I invite you to book a fifteen minute, free, initial chat. 

During this chat, I will not be offering any nutritional / health advice.

This is just a chat so see if we are a match.

You can use it to ask me questions about me and how I work and to tell me a little bit about you and what you are looking for in a Nutritional Therapist.

Subject to you being happy with our chat and wanting to proceed, we can then book you in for a full nutritional and health assessment (Please see the Services section for further details). 

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