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Services and Prices

It is extremely important to me that my services and my pricing structure is clear and straightforward. 

Nutritional Therapy represents a significant investment in your health, so choosing the right Nutritional Therapist and the right services for you is a very important decision.

If you have any questions about how my service options are constructed or whether they can be adapted to your needs, please do get in touch.  

Please note that these prices are shown as sessions but include a significant amount of additional time spent by me, both before and after your sessions, interpreting and researching your case, and formulating nutritional programmes that best suit your needs.



A note on weight loss:

I do not offer specific weight loss services. I don't believe that diets (or whatever else you want to call them) are healthy. Dieting almost never works and almost always results in additional weight gain. In fact, one of the biggest predictors of weight gain is intentional weight loss!

For evolutionary reasons, our bodies are not designed to lose weight. The cells within our bodies fight any intentional weight loss attempts we try and they almost always win!

In addition, I feel very strongly that restricting certain foods and allowing foods to hold a disproportionate amount of power over you for weight loss purposes does not promote a healthy, life-long, comfortable relationship with food. It is at the heart of all of my services that we work on how nutrition can benefit you - the unique you and you alone - but we also keep nutrition in it's place and don't make it the most important component of your life. Good, personalised nutrition should support you whilst you concentrate on squeezing every inch of enjoyment out of life!

As such, I do not offer weight loss services, although I do feel that working on your symptoms - anything from blood glucose regulation, to fatigue or stress, will often result in weight re-alignment, revealing the true you, the healthier you and the you that has a more balanced relationship with food for life!


  *As with everything, there are exceptions to this rule. If you need to reach a certain BMI to qualify for surgery, or fertility treatment, or adoption, I will work with you to reach this specific goal but I will also be realistic about the longer term implications. Please contact me to discuss your situation.




Initial Consultation of appx. 90 minutes plus two follow-up consultations of appx. 45 minutes each.

Package Price:


If you decide that you would like to work with me, I will begin by asking you to complete a full client history (It's a form) and also to fill out a food diary for me - noting what you eat and drink over a couple of days.

This gives me a great deal of information about you - your health, your lifestyle and what you like to eat.

I would get a chance to have a thorough look through these before our initial consultation.


During the initial consultation, we would discuss the details in these forms, elaborating on you symptoms, your expectations and your goals .

We would then - together - work on a nutritional programme that supports your needs, fits with your lifestyle (budget, time constraints etc) at a rate of change that you feel is manageable.

The initial consultation is a great start but, realistically, it isn't going to be much use to you without some follow-up consultations. (It would be a bit like lining up for a race, sprinting out of the starting blocks and then not knowing what to do!)

The purpose of the follow-up consultations are to see what is working and - equally important - what is not working. We get to assess how you are feeling and to adjust the nutritional programme accordingly.

I strongly believe that the minimum duration that we would need to see each other for is an Initial consultation plus two follow-up consultations, which is why this package is the start point for all clients.


I recommend that these consultations are at least one week apart but ideally no more than two weeks apart. This price includes email support in between consultations for any concerns you may have. It may not be possible to reply immediately but I endeavour to reply to all emails the same day.    

Follow - up consultations, block of three, appx. 45 minutes each.

Package Price:


Many clients will find that they need additional consultations, following on from the initial package. This is particularly the case with complex issues, multi-factoral symptoms and also when working on re-framing your relationship with food and learning how to utilise your new nutrition skills so that they serve you well moving forwards. Whilst you can purchase individual consultations (as detailed below), it's always nice to get a little discount when block buying! 

I am committed to providing the best service and value that I can. I will not be recommending additional block buying if I don't feel that it is the best option for you or that you don't need it. My role is to improve your health outcomes and help to get you to your goals wherever possible. I want to teach you skills for life, not just for the time that you are with me. My success comes from your satisfaction.

Individual consultations
appx. 45 minutes each



Of course, there are various reasons why you may wish to add consultations one at a time for the duration that you need them and this is absolutely fine!

Please note that all new clients must begin with the initial consultation package (detailed above).

Specialist Lipoedema Services


I am happy to be able to offer specialist support services for individuals with lipoedema.


I can support you with pain management, inflammation management, blood glucose regulation, managing food sensitivities, managing stress and identifying and managing the many co-morbidities that occur alongside this condition.

I also like to incorporate working on having a healthy relationship with food moving forward, as lipoedema can often challenge this.

The prices for these consultations are exactly the same as those detailed above. The sessions will work in the same way. You may require sessions on a longer term basis but this will be your decision, based on the benefit you gain from our time together.      

A little note about nutrition supplements and functional testing:

All of my practices are focussed on a 'food first' approach to nutrition.

I will only recommend supplementation when the desired results cannot be acheived 

with food sources alone and additional support is required.

This ethos also extends to functional testing. Whilst there are many medical tests that

can be called upon if necessary, I will always see what improvements we can acheive with a food first policy.

Testing can be very expensive and a little intrusive so I will only recommend this when absolutely necessary.


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