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I consider each of my clients to be wonderfully unique and my respect and support is unconditionally detached from your body size.

You do not have to justify your previous

food choices.

This is and always will be a confidential and non-judgemental space – no matter what your health concerns are and no matter what size body you inhabit.     




I am The Fat Nutritional Therapist but you can call me Nicky!

I am highly qualified with a Degree in Nutritional Therapy and I also inhabit a big body (you can read more about my story in the ‘About me’ section) .

I specialise in providing Nutritonal Therapy services to individuals with excess weight. However, I don’t promote diets! There is a lot of pressure on us all to look a certain way and to be a certain size. I am far more interested in your health. I want to work with you to help you feel better, sleep better, have less pain etc. By addressing your health symptoms, your unique healthier self will come to the fore naturally.


Pasta with Pesto
Fresh Salad
Chocolate Cake


I vow never to have a picture of an apple on my website!

I don’t even like apples,

I like cake – and that can be a part of a healthy eating programme too!

 This looks like a throw-away statement, to get you onside, but it is actually so much more than that. Good nutritional programmes need to be sustainable for life – otherwise, what has all the effort been for?

Do you want to never eat cake again for as long as you live?

Possibly not.

And that is absolutely fine!

Good nutrition doesn't need to be punishing. I am not going to sell you a quick fix, a miracle cure or an unrealistic dream. I am going to work with you to create a completely personalised, flexible plan that will adapt and flex to the challenges of daily life. 



         I specialise in providing a non-judgemental space for individuals with bigger bodies

to work towards improving their health status through nutrition.

These are just some of the health issues that I can support you with:

Acid reflux / indigestion

Allergies / Intolerances

Blood pressure issues

Brain fog / Fuzzy thinking

Chronic fatigue

Diabetes (Type 2)

Digestive health and gut health

Energy levels / Fatigue

General nutrition advice

Immune system support


Irritable bowel syndrome

Lipoedema / Lymphoedema

Managing pain


Sinus issues

Skin issues

Sleep issues

Supporting the immune system

Vegetarian / vegan nutrition requirements





This is not a complete list.

If you have health issues / symptoms which are not listed here, please contact me to

discuss your situation.

“Over the last few months, I have found the sessions to be immensely helpful and full of ideas and inspiration to try a new way of eating.

The outcome of my sessions has been that I have felt a lot better with less pain (so less pain meds) less fatigue, and better management of my eating habits which in turn has helped me to understand my health issues.

I would thoroughly recommend Nicky - she is a mine of information - she really knows her stuff and in building rapport was able to put me at ease quickly so that we could focus on my needs each time which made the sessions seamless and therefore excellent value for money”

— Melodie H

I believe that all of my information should be as transparent as possible.

If you would like to read my policies below - just click on the button!


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